The Hospitality Ministry of God’s House Ministry is assigned to Minister Hazel M. Jones.


This Ministry helps to acquaint a believer to the responsibility that God requires of us in ministering to others.


The Hospitality Ministry is available for all aspects of hospitality for the Church. The main function of this Ministry is to be in charge of the Sunday morning announcements. This duty also involves greeting visitors in the vestibule on Sunday morning and helping them sign the visitor registration cards.


The Hospitality Ministry is available to serve as host/hostess for the various receptions held throughout the year. The Ministry may completely arrange a reception upon request. Any organization or other Church entity may request that the Hospitality Ministry assist with any function.


Procedure for becoming a member:

Any born-again believer with a loving, caring and sharing attitude should contact the Chairperson or Co-Chairperson.


The Following Ministries Are Included:


The New Members Class

The Singles Ministry

The Ushers Ministry

The Kitchen Ministry